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What is



LOOKOUT is a queer-focused newsletter and quarterly magazine that aims to elavate LGBTQ+ stories. We are a mission-driven news group that keeps an eye on powerful people in and outside of our community, while also highlighting solutions and power players.

Why did we start LOOKOUT?

Nationally, local news has dwindled to only a few companies owning a majority of the media. Phoenix’s queer media has experienced the same. Now, LOOKOUT is Phoenix's only nonprofit news site dedicated to the city's LGBTQ+ community.


LOOKOUT's substack is the state’s go-to space for queer-focused hard news, features, and investigations. Our vision is to make Phoenix’s gay community more engaged in politics, community, and activism. We aim to make queer issues top-of-mind and above-the-fold, not simply relegated to Arts and Entertainment pages.

What is LOOKOUT's goal?

LOOKOUT aims to be the number one destination for people trying to understand what is going on inside the Phoenix LGBTQ+ community. We want community members to know to contact us for issues because we have crafted accurate, empathetic, hard-hitting, and mission-driven journalism that drives impact.


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LOOKOUT is a non-profit weekly newsletter and quarterly magazine based in Phoenix to elevate the stories and issues of queer people in the Valley and beyond. We rely on yearly and monthly subscriptions to pay writers fair wages and host events. Look below to see what subscriptions we offer to our Substack, and consider joining today, or donating a subscription.



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Ethics, corrections, bylaws

LOOKOUT goes by ethical and style guidance set by the National Lesbian and Gay Journalisst Association, along with the Trans Journalists Association. In situations where ethics or style is not determined by those groups, we defer to AP style for all editorial decisions.

For corrections on any of our stories, please email: lookoutphx@gmail.com


For corrections, comments, questions, or story pitches, please email: lookoutphx@gmail.com